WESTT SOLUTIONS is a line of multifunctional and interactive learning tools based on the know-how of the DGEN program and designed for the needs of aerospace universities, research laboratories and aviation maintenance training centres.

Education & Research

The WESTT BR solution is a flexible real engine test bench which turns the DGEN engine into an advanced research platform especially for acoustic and aerodynamic studies. It also offers the best possible practical experience to students by controlling, testing and analysing a fully functionnal turbofan engine.

The virtual engine test bench WESTT CS/BV is a very innovative hardware-in-the-loop system where students are immersed in a realistic simulation of the DGEN turbofan engine. It can be used as a teaching aid during lectures or as an interactive tool for practical courses in many topics related to gas turbines.

The WESTT SEV and WESTT SE-HP assembly stations feature original engine parts and tools and a didactic 3D assembly plan. Whether for basic training in maintenance practices or for mechanical engineering courses, working as a team to assemble an aircraft engine is a very effective and motivating learning method.

The WESTT BH product consists of a didactic test bench of the DGEN engine’s original oil & fuel system. It gives the user a hands-on approach to hydraulics and mechanics by applying the theory of fluid dynamics and heat exchange to state-of-the-art engine equipment.

High technology

The DGEN 380 engine’s many features are as many advantages for versatile educational applications and for innovative and cost-efficient research projects.

The high by-pass ratio two-spool unmixed flow turbofan architecture is very representative of modern commercial aero-engines. Being lightweight (80kg) and compact (40cm diameter and 1,3m length), the engine is easy to handle as it requires only two to three students to complete its assembly.

The geared-down fan and the all-electric concept are great innovations which cement the engine’s applicability to education and research alike since both are increasingly featured on larger engines. In a running configuration, the user will benefit from increased fuel-efficiency and reduced levels of noise & maintenance.

The DGEN engine has been designed, produced and tested in-house by Price Induction’s engineering team. More than any other didactic equipment supplier, this allows us to confer a high-tech value to our products and share the manufacturer’s know-how.


Since 2007, the WESTT products have been purchased by over 20 academic and research institutions worldwide for various applications and at different levels of study.

Some academic institutions acquired the WESTT products specifically to educate engineers such as, for example, the Linköping University in Sweden, the University of Sheffield in the UK, the Arts et Métiers ParisTech engineering school in Bordeaux, France and the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin.

Price Induction has also equipped aviation maintenance training centers, most notably the National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship (SENAI) in Sao Paulo, Brasil and the University of Balamand, Institute of Aeronautics in Lebanon.

Finally, renowned research institutes including NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, ISAE-Supaero in Toulouse, France and the Georgia Institute of Technology use our technology to perform research activities  in engine acoustics, control system optimization and thermodynamics.

Thanks to this large and diverse customer base, Price Induction has gained substantial experience in making learning more tangible for the students and instructors alike. New customers also have an opportunity to join a growing network of WESTT users by sharing feedback, course content and student projects. Delivered with dedicated user training and practical courses guidelines, our WESTT products are well-thought-out solutions that are ready-to-use once installed.