Westt WT:

Subsonic tailor-made wind tunnel solutions, dedicated to training and research.

Adapted wind tunnel geometries:

- Open or closed
– Positioning: horizontal, vertical, or 45°

 Various application fields:

– Aeronautics
– Automobile
– Railway
– Civil engineering

Support from Price Induction’s design
office and a dedicated projet manager:

– Pre-analysis
– Design
– Manufacturing
– Instrumentation
– Implementation
– Tailor-made options

Customizable technical specifications,
according to your needs and constraints:

– Flow rate
– Velocity gradient within the test
– Test section dimensions

Price Induction solution allows for a full
customization of your wind tunnel.

We adapt to your needs:

Aerodynamic specifications
– Flow rate: up to 35 m/s
– Flow fluctuations <0.5% within the working area
– Velocity gradients <1% within the working area

– Test section length
– Test section diameter

Integration into your working environment
– Space constraints
– Electrical system
– Security

– Colors and finish
– Frame look

The project is entirely monitored by a dedicated
Price Induction engineer, from your demand, until
the implementation


A solution adapted to your practical works or
your aerodynamic research in laboratory:

- Pressure fields analysis
– Streamlines observation
– Geometry influence on aerodynamics
– Surface conditions studies

The wind tunnel is delivered with:

- Test section
– Dismountable tunnel pipes
– Motorized fan
– Frame
– Data acquisition software
– User training

A range of options provided upon request:

- Acoustic isolation
– Force balance
– Test models
– Specific software and interface