WESTT SE-HP Core Engine Assembly Station

WESTT SE-HP is a compact assembly station of the DGEN engine’s high pressure spool. Focusing on the core engine parts, the WESTT SE-HP station is intended for any introductory course in general mechanics and engine maintenance. It features:

  • A typical mechanical construction with shaft, bearings and original rotating parts
  • A dedicated tooling set and intuitive documentation conceived especially for the needs of education
  • A smart open cradle, thus making the station a valuable illustrative tool in a theoretical class

Fields of application

The WESTT SE-HP station includes the original core engine parts of the DGEN turbofan engine and is therefore ideal for all applications dealing with aircraft engine design. In general mechanics and mechanical engineering

  • Introduction to turbo machinery
  • Study of technological parts (compressor, bearings, turbine…)
  • Metrology

In aviation maintenance and maintenance engineering

  • EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training
  • Assembling and disassembling technics
  • Assembly plan’s design

As for all WESTT products, Price Induction delivers practical course guidelines for the WESTT SE-HP station in the topics below, making it a true key-in-the-hand solution.

  • Understanding of plans
  • Assembling-Disassembling
  • Maintenance
  • Metrology
  • Study of technological parts

These guidelines are intended for 2-hour long practice sessions in groups of one to three students and can easily be used interchangeably, tweaked or supplemented to be congruent with educational goals, course duration and study level.


The WESTT SE-HP station consists of:

  • A DGEN 380 High Pressure spool
  • A dedicated assembly cradle derived from the original engine casing
  • Standard and specific tools in their dedicated storage cart
  • Complete documentation with assembly/disassembly plans, DGEN drawings and educational sketches
  • A maintenance manual
  • A 3D virtualized assembly plan powered by 3DVia® and delivered on a dedicated touch-screen computer


Both theoretical and practical courses can be taught easily and efficiently with this all-integrated system.

In a classroom. The teacher can easily use the WESTT SE-HP station as an illustrative and demonstrative teaching aid. The cutaway cradle, derived from the original casing, ensures maximised visibility of each HP line component, even fully assembled.

For practical case studies. The station can be operated by groups of up to 3 students during two-hour long practice sessions. Price Induction provides its customers with top-notch support whish best suits their requirements (course duration, number of students, study level).

In order to accommodate more students at once and subsequently increase the school’s training capacity, it is recommended to consider either installing multiple units of the WESTT SE-HP station or  combining it with other WESTT products for creating strong educational synergies. Potential combination include the WESTT CS/BV bench to complement the hands-on approach to the core engine with a study of the engine as a whole in a virtual environment, or the WESTT BH bench for a complementary training on the DGEN’s oil & fuel system.


The simplicity of the engine’s architecture and its innovative technology make the station appropriate for all education levels, particularly for aviation maintenance training, engineering studies in mechanics and gas turbine courses.

On March 24-27, 2014, the WESTT SE-HP station was one of the highlights of the 2014 Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Las Vegas. Teams of two were asked to exchange the N4 bearing as fast as possible using the hydraulic press and the virtualized 3D assembly plan powered by 3DVia®.