WESTT BH Hydraulic Test Bench

The WESTT BH bench has initially been designed as an internal development tool to analyze the behavior of the DGEN engine’s hydraulic system in various operating conditions and to validate its design through endurance test cycles. As for the other WESTT products, the WESTT BH solution has then been optimized for hands-on courses in hydraulics, engine equipment and control systems.

It features:

  • The full oil & fuel system of the DGEN engine with interchangeable components
  • A set of probes and sensors for a wide range of experiments
  • A user-friendly interface to control the pump motors and monitor all running parameters

Fields of application

The WESTT BH bench can serve as a practical tool for two-hour long courses in the following topics.

Control system

  • Regulation theory: understanding and reprogramming the pumps control
  • Automatic theory: analyzing and designing an Actuator Drive Unit

Mechanical engineering

  • Mechanical analysis of the pumps
  • Pump sizing and study of the Gerotor technology

Thermal fluids

  • Pressure loss analysis
  • Heat exchanger sizing & efficiency analysis

Maintenance Engineering

  • Introduction to Lubricant Systems and Fuel Systems as part of Part-66 Basic Training – Module 15

Guidelines are provided to help set up two-hour practice sessions in groups of two to three students in these topics and can easily be used interchangeably, tweaked or supplemented to be congruent with educational goals, course duration and study level.


The WESTT BH station consists of:

  • The full DGEN oil system including tank, electrical pump, filter, check electrovalve, pressure & temperature probes, plug valve and heat exchanger. A dedicated tank also simulates the engine’s bearing enclosures and the oil is heated to recreate realistic operating conditions.
  • The full DGEN fuel system including tank, boost pump, electrical pump, filter, ignition electrovalve, injection electro-valve, plug valve, pressure & temperature probes
  • A fully-integrated bench with sensor cabinet and control panel
  • A didactic software for pumps control, data monitoring and regulation reprogramming


The WESTT BH bench is a stand-alone and mobile piece of equipment which is easy to install in any workshop. It can accommodate two to three students for two-hour practical courses.

The WESTT BH bench will add a new dimension to any WESTT-based lab configuration. Potential combinations include the WESTT SEV and WESTT SE-HP stations to complete the hands-on practice on real engine parts with experiments on the engine equipment, or the WESTT CS/BV bench for a live run of the oil & fuel system in connection to the virtual observation.


The versatility and flexibility of this didactic hydraulic test bench is ideally suited for all kinds of applications, from training aviation maintenance technicians to teaching engineering courses at universities.

The Civil Aviation University of China located in Tianjin purchased one of our WESTT BH benches with the view of using it to educate their future engineers to engine hydraulics, as an add-on to their other WESTT solutions.