Based on typical turbofan technology, WESTT SOLUTIONS is a range of innovative tools which makes the manufacturer know-how to the trainees and makes the training of aviation engineers more efficient and motivating.

Each WESTT SOLUTIONS product features great advantages for MRO Training Centers. Combining them is the best way to form a versatile training platform allowing on one hand for an interactive learning of gas turbine fundamentals and on the other hand a unique hands-on experience of maintenance practices, engine assembling, engine testing and hydraulics systems.


Our solution : WESTT BV66 laboratory
Your benefits : Training efficiency

  • WESTT BV66 is a learning station covering all subjects of Part-66 Module 15 (Gas Turbines) in a proactive and intuitive scenario.
  • It features an original ECU, a realistic engine simulation and an immersive curved screen.
  • All operating principles of gas turbines are illustrated by the hardware-in-the-loop simulation of the DGEN 380 turbofan engine.
  • A compact and fully-integrated station, WESTT BV66 allows for extensive training sessions in groups of 2 students supervised by an instructor.


Our solution : Multidisciplinary WESTT Platform on Aircraft Engines
Your benefits : Motivating hands-on experience

  • Example of configuration: two full engine assembly stations WESTT SEV, one core engine assembly station WEST SE-HP, one virtual engine test bench WESTT CS/BV and one engine hydraulic test bench WESTT BH
  • 15 students split into groups of 3 people and shifting for 5 complementary training sessions
  • Exciting hands-on experience of maintenance practices, engine mechanics, engine run-up, testing and hydraulic systems
  • Provided with user manuals, templates for practical courses and associated engine documentation and drawings that are in line with the Part-66 syllabus
  • May be completed by a customized “on desk” tutorial to ensure all groups get the same core knowledge about assembling techniques, blueprint reading, metrology, engine components…