WESTT SOLUTIONS for Mechanical Engineering courses

The DGEN turbofan engine features state-of-the-art mechanical components in a compact two-spool rotating structure. The wide range of competences involved in the engine’s design and construction makes WESTT SEV and WESTT SE-HP solid building blocks for both introductory and in-depth courses in mechanics.

Our teachers and students find great benefits in using the WESTT SE-HP stand for both theoretical and practical courses in engine structure and mechanical design.
dr inż. Robert Jakubowski, Professor, Rzeszow University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

WESTT SEV School Engine with Validation

WESTT SEV contains a fully functionnal DGEN 380 turbofan engine, extensive documentation, standard and specific tools, storage rolling carts and an electronic unit to vent the engine.

By assembling the DGEN’s complex mechanical system, students get to handle and analyse real turbomachinery components such as a centrifugal compressor, a reverse flow annular combustion chamber and a planetary gearbox.

Below are some examples of subjects that can be covered  to various extents, depending on the study level.

  • Study of technological parts
    Bearings (computation, life expectancy, lubrication)
    Gearbox (grooves analysis, ratio calculation, lubrication)
    Shafts (balancing, vibration analysis)
    Oil system (design, cooling, oil chambers, squeeze film)
    Sealing (sealing types, joints materials, leakages)
  • Thermal study of the mechanical system
    Calculation of radial and axial expansion
    Clearance and play evolution, materials’ heat resistance
    Study of shafts stress, use of extensometers
  • Metrology
    Tightening techniques (torque, hydraulic tensioner)
    Use of metrology tools (caliper, depth gauge)

WESTT SE-HP Core Engine Assembly Station

WESTT SE-HP contains the High-Pressure spool of a DGEN turbofan engine, which consists of a turbine, a compressor, a  shaft, a rotor and two bearings. The assembly station also comes equipped with extensive documentation, standard and specific tools and storage rolling carts,

WESTT SE-HP is thus an economical and compact solution which is ideal for the understanding of the basics of gas turbine mechanical construction as well as for realizing advanced mechanical studies on the core engine parts.