WESTT SOLUTIONS for Control System Engineering courses

The DGEN engine is a complex dynamic system. WESTT BR and WESTT CS/BV are highly interactive tools designed to help the user understand how to regulate the engine and to actually program its control system through its educational open FADEC.

We always give our students the best research and training tools. The WESTT CS/BV is a very innovative and interactive engine simulator and excels in various technological areas such as engine control systems.
Eric Feron, professor of Aerospace Software Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Hardware-in-the-loop system

The WESTT CS/BV station provides students with a virtual model of the DGEN turbofan engine (SIMMOT) allowing for the study of its control system and its modern all-electric concept.

Students will not only be able to observe the engine start sequence with the status of each actuator and hydraulic component: they will also be able to explore the code of the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and modify the engine regulation. Typical tasks can be performed in groups of two and include:

  • Implementation and study predefined regulation loops like NL, NH or Double-loop or programming of another kind of regulator.
  • Modification of the PID coefficients and of the acceleration flat rates to observe and understand the impact of these parameters on the engine’s behavior
  • Failures control to simulate and observe the consequences of engine failures and adapt the failures control

Accessible to all study levels

With the view of furthering the development of the WESTT CS/BV system, Price Induction recently released a new version of the Control System module. It features a user friendly interface with intuitive schematics of the regulation loops which make the tasks listed above accessible to entry-level courses. The WESTT CS/BV is a very interactive and risk-free system enabling the application of control system theory to a representative complex system.

Connected to a video-projector, the WESTT CS/BV can also be for illustrative purposes during lectures on the basics of control systems.

Teachers can connect themselves remotely to the WESTT CS/BV to trigger engine failures and thus organize blind trouble shooting tasks.

Finally, a dynamic block diagram model of the WESTT CS/BV is also provided to allow the students to perform preliminary computations before operating the station.