18 September 2017

First WESTT WT Wind Tunnel inaugurated on 14 September on ESTACA’s campus.


The first WESTT WT Wind Tunnel designed by Price Induction was inaugurated on 14 September on ESTACA’s Paris-Saclay à Saint Quentin en Yvelines campus. This tailor-made subsonic Wind Tunnel is composed of a 60 cm square, 1.5 m long, test section and provides a maximum air speed of 35 m/s. It will be dedicated to both ESTACA’s Engineering and Research departments for Aerodynamics practical courses and experiments about, amongst others, nanoparticules dispersion.

ESTACA’s teachers were then trained on the characteristics and maintenance of the Wind Tunnel.

We are very thankful to ESTACA engineering school for its confidence and are excited to start a long-term partnership with the academy!


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