3 July 2017

Paris Le Bourget Air Show SIAE 2017 – Key facts

Price Induction was very happy to exhibit in the Paris Le Bourget Air Show 2017 from the 19 to 23 June. It was once again a great opportunity for the team to meet many industry R&T leaders, academics and experts, and exchange about turbomachine related innovations and future projects.

Price Induction’s multi-presence in the show

Three different WESTT solutions were exhibited at the show:

  • The WESTT CS/BV Virtual Engine Test Bench on PI booth;
  • The WESTT BV66 interactive learning station on PI partner Defense Conseil International’s booth;
  • The WESTT SE-HP assembly and disassembly DGEN High Pressure’s spool test bench on PI partner Aerocampus Aquitaine booth.
Westt CS/BV & SEV on PI booth
Westt CS/BV & SEV on PI booth
Westt BV66 on DCI booth
Westt BV66 on DCI booth
West SE-HP on Aerocampus Aquitaine booth
West SE-HP on Aerocampus Aquitaine booth


Thanks to our R&T SAFRAN partner, visitors could also discover a freshly kick-started project about the DGEN 380 HP core engine hybridization.

Moreover, Price Induction had the pleasure to promote the Flying Whales’ LCA60T program airship for which our design office has developed a POC of electric propulsive system.

DGEN hybrid architecture on Safran Booth
DGEN hybrid architecture on Safran Booth
Flying wales electric propulsive system
Flying wales electric propulsive system

Key meetings on Price Induction booth

Price induction had the pleasure to welcome both academic and industrial partners on its booth throughout the week.

Propulsion R&T representatives from major aerospace groups such as SAFRAN, AIRBUS, DASSAULT or Technical Research Institutes stepped by to exchange about current and future potential projects with them.

A special meeting gathered three academic partners on 22 June. InHolland Hogeschool, ENAC and Polyaéro met together and exchanged about the WESTT solutions and their experience using it.


Signature of a partnership between Price Induction and Defense Conseil International (DCI)

DCI, the reference operator of the Ministry of the Armed Forces for the international transfer of the French military know-how to France friendly countries armed forces, and Price Induction signed an industrial and commercial partnership focused on MRO (EASA/Part 66 and DSAé/FRA 66) initial training.

Thanks again to DCI for organizing this event!

245 - 17-045

236 - 17-045

Signature of a partnership between Price Induction, Polyaéro and the CFA EPURE on Polyaéro booth

Price Induction, Polyaéro and the CFA EPURE make their collaboration start public, as well as the acquisition of a WESTT CS/BV.



Price Induction warmly thanks all its partners and visitors for their trust to make this week a great success!

18 May 2017

Paris Le Bourget Air Show SIAE 2017


Price Induction’s team will welcome you
on booth B94, Hall 2B

signature mail SIAE 2017 extendedUK

Visit us and discover:
– Our expertise as an engine manufacturer to support innovative projects around propulsion, from design and engineering to instrumentation and testing.
– A wide range of test bench solutions dedicated to Aerospace Research and Education.

Curious about engine architecture & simulation ?
Take the opportunity to try some of our WESTT solutions,
– Westt CS/BV virtual engine test bench on our booth
– Westt BV66 interactive learning station with new helicopter 12.1 content
– Westt SE-HP assembly / disassembly hi pressure line station



4 May 2017

WESTT CS/BV at ELISA aerospace

ELISA Aerospace (ISAE Group), the French Aerospace engineering school located in Saint-Quentin, France, has become the 39th WESTT CS/BV partner!

Eight teachers just received a training session to master the operations of the virtual test bench and understand how this educational solution can be leveraged as a new way for control, aerodynamics and thermodynamics teaching.

Within the 5-year mandatory program, the WESTT CS/BV will be used to illustrate propulsion theory in the first two years and turbofan design in the last 3 years.

Photo1 recadrée

See you this summer at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show on booth B94, Hall 2B, to speak with the WESTT community!

23 February 2017

The University of Kansas joins our WESTT Community!

The University of Kansas joins our WESTT Community!

 On February 10th, Price Induction installed the WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench at The University of Kansas’ Aerospace Engineering department (KUAE). This turbofan simulator will strengthen the propulsion educational material of the University. The main modules, thermodynamics and mechanical exploration of the DGEN 380 will serve as central teaching material to assist professors during lectures. It will also provide students with tangible learning tools and hands-on engineering interaction.

 The University of Kansas is renowned as a leading aircraft and engine design institution, winning numerous AIAA and international design competitions.

According to KUAE’s 2016-17 enrollment rates, students are increasingly taking an interest in aerospace engineering. This sudden peak in interest is largely attributed to the aircraft industry’s highly visible presence in Kansas. As student enrollment increases, the department experiences a rapid expansion of their faculty involvement, teaching resources and research space.

WESTT CS/BV @ Kansas University

WESTT CS/BV @ Kansas University

“The sophistication of this system and its versatility is highly suitable for our department, where a strong Academic Program in engineering meets a strong Aviation Program.  Indeed, both sides of the house could use this impressive virtual engine test bench” states Aerospace Engineering Professor, Saeed Farokhi, PhD.

 Farokhi first expressed an interest in the WESTT CS/BV test bench when he encountered Price Induction’s booth at the IGTI Conference in San Antonio. Alongside Sharp Professor and Associate Chair, Ray Taghavi, he’s worked on gathering the necessary funds to acquire the simulation test bench. Farokhi and Taghavi are now fully trained and ready to implement this educational solution in the classroom.

The WESTT CS/BV test bench is currently used by over 40 academic clients all over the world for Thermodynamic, Aerodynamic, Control Systems or Engine performance and Failure management applications.

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6 January 2017

a new Westt CS/BV at Polytech Orléans

We are delighted to announce a new partner in the WESTT family!

Price Induction recently installed the WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench at the school of engineering of the University of Orléans (Polytech Orléans, France), where it will be used by students and faculty members of the department technologies for Energy, Aerospace and Motorization (TEAM). Price Induction provided a specific training to the TEAM department members to ensure a fast use of the system and make sure they can leverage all functionalities and practical courses as of January 2017.

As a reminder, the WESTT CS/BV is a virtual engine test bench where the behavior of the DGEN 380 geared turbofan engine is simulated in real time through a dedicated hardware that includes a reprogrammable Engine Control Unit.
This virtual engine test bench currently is used by over 40 academic clients all over the world for Thermodynamic, Aerodynamic, Control Systems or Engine performance and Failure management applications.

Click here to find out more !

Price Induction CS/BV at Polytech Orleans

11 October 2016

Aviation Australia Riyadh College of Excellence AARCoE (Update September)

Aviation Australia Riyadh College provided a promotional video of their training program. That video shows some of the WESTT products in use.
AARCoE is now equipped with a complete WESTT products educational platform.

We wish their students and faculty members a good and fulfilling school year !

22 June 2015

The Paris Airshow – June 2015

Price Induction's Booth at Le Bourget Airshow

Price Induction’s team
is back from the Paris Air Show where it displayed the DGEN 390 high-bypass turbofan engine and the new dual channel ECU, as well as the WESTT CS/BV virtual turbofan engine test bench. Once again, our technology captivated a number of people from different backgrounds – from professionals and professors to students, we exchanged with more than 300 people on our booth.

Moreover, during the Airshow an MoU was signed between Price Induction and the Russian National United Aerospace University (Национальный Объединенный Аэрокосмический Университет) in order to explore mutually beneficial opportunities between parties.

Overall, the Paris Airshow was a success – we had the opportunity to meet new or current prospects, existing clients and references, and to promote Price Induction’s 3 business lines:
  • Aero Engines – turbine engines dedicated to General Aviation
  • Test Benches – WESTT product line for research and education centers, as well as conventional and non-conventional test benches for the aerospace industry
  • R&T Projects – Innovation works for major aerospace groups. Integral engineering and prototyping of complex mechanical systems

30 April 2014

ILA Berlin Air Show

Price Induction announces its participation at the ILA Berlin Air Show May 20-25, 2014 on booth 3431a in hall 3 with the support of the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Besides its DGEN turbofan engine for general aviation and the virtual engine test bench WESTT CS/BV, Price Induction will offer live demonstrations of the WESTT SE-HP assembly and disassembly station of a turbofan high-pressure spool for the first time in Germany. This educational tool is ideal for practices in mechanical and maintenance engineering and is also recognized worldwide by EASA Part-147 training centers as an innovative training tool to maintenance practices and propulsion basics.

Furthermore, Price Induction will present the latest news concerning the WESTT SOLUTIONS product family of research and training tools, which have been very successful in the past year. Renowned research institutes like the NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and worldwide universities like theHogeschool InHolland in Delft, the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin and the ENAC engineering school in Toulouse are some of the latest WESTT SOLUTIONS customers.

On May 20th at 3pm, our customer Linköping University will present the best student designs of DGEN-based Personal Light Jets on the forum of the Berlin-Brandenburg region stand.

As on previous ILA Airshows the DGEN engine will also be on display at Price Induction’s booth. The DGEN 380 engine achieved, today, over 1500 hours of testing, 6000 ignitions and 2200 endurance cycles and is used by an increasing number of universities and research centers.