6 January 2017

a new Westt CS/BV at Polytech Orléans

We are delighted to announce a new partner in the WESTT family!

Price Induction recently installed the WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench at the school of engineering of the University of Orléans (Polytech Orléans, France), where it will be used by students and faculty members of the department technologies for Energy, Aerospace and Motorization (TEAM). Price Induction provided a specific training to the TEAM department members to ensure a fast use of the system and make sure they can leverage all functionalities and practical courses as of January 2017.

As a reminder, the WESTT CS/BV is a virtual engine test bench where the behavior of the DGEN 380 geared turbofan engine is simulated in real time through a dedicated hardware that includes a reprogrammable Engine Control Unit.
This virtual engine test bench currently is used by over 40 academic clients all over the world for Thermodynamic, Aerodynamic, Control Systems or Engine performance and Failure management applications.

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Price Induction CS/BV at Polytech Orleans