Fully integrated Mini Gas Turbine test bench

  • Hands-on interactive test bench dedicated to propulsion theory
  • Real-time operation of a mini-turbine jet engine
  • Practical understanding of the thermodynamic and aerodynamic principles of a turbojet operation
  • The WESTT MGT is a movable bench with a fully instrumented engine
  • It is dedicated to universities, engineering schools and technical colleges
  • It is an ideal platform for theoretical and experimental approach to current challenges such as noise and environmental pollution

Covers a variety of training subjects

  • Construction: 3D dynamic view of engine architecture.
  • Systems: in-depth exploration of hydraulics lines and their components.
  • Thermodynamics: Brayton cycle representation, pressure and temperature measurement.
  • Aerodynamics: velocity triangles

Main components of the bench

  • Thermocouples and pressure sensors for numerous data acquisition
  • A set of exhaust nozzles to understand impact of geometry on performance
  • A modern and intuitive software for a quick reading use, with strong visual tools, can be used as teaching aid during lectures when connected to a video projector.

Control and safety

  • The engine is remotely controlled from a rugged case containing a laptop with touch screen interface, engine’s controllers (thrust lever, mode selector and master switch) and an emergency stop.
  • The gas turbine is surrounded by a safety shield
  • Emergency stops and extinguisher complement the bench.