The interactive station for aero-engine maintenance training

WESTT BV Part-66 is an interactive learning station covering all subjects of aircraft engine theory in an intuitive and flexible scenario.

Practical understanding of the operating principles with hardwarein- the-loop simulation of the DGEN 380 turbofan engine.

Powerful visual animations to enhance education.

Fully dedicated to the basic training of aircraft maintenance technicians (Part-66) to gas turbine engine and propulsion.

Provides an attractive and interactive environement, with increased motivation and learning efficiency.

Integration in your facility

The WESTT BV Part-66 is compact and easy to install in a class room, especially in a multi-unit configuration. Each station accomodates two students for autonomous training sessions.

It also serves as a teaching aid during a lecture when connected to a video projector.

All components are fully integrated

– SIMMOT system simulating the DGEN 380 performance and thermodynamic parameters at any flight conditions

– Original ECU/FADEC ensuring a realistic simulation of the engine’s regulation and time response

– Wide curved screen and PLA throttle for a unique experience into the simulation

Teaching flexibility

– Customizable lessons scenarios

– Quizzes: student knowledge testing thanks to customizable quizzes, results exportable on teacher USB key

Covers all relevant training subjects

– Construction and Design: real time 3D dynamic view of engine architecture

– Systems: deep exploration of hydraulics lines and their components

– Maintenance: engine failures simulation

– Overall operation of a modern and innovative turbofan engine

– Basic aircraft aerodynamics

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