2 March 2017

Price Induction Westt BV66 at DCI

After the WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench, DCI (Défense Conseil International) just acquired the WESTT BV 66 interactive station, the new WESTT test bench from Price Induction. The installation and training took place on 25 and 27 January 2017 in the Rochefort Air Force base 721. A team of four instructors from French Defense Aeronautical Institute (FDAI) – a DCI / Dassault Aviation top-class joint center – participated in the training led by Price Induction.

On one hand, instructors will benefit from the innovative and dynamic content of the bench specifically designed for Part 66 initial training. On the other hand, DCI trainees will autonomously be able to go into a large panel of topics in depth, from flight mechanics to propulsion. Thanks to the integrated FADEC, the students will have the opportunity to conduct some real-time simulations of a modern turbofan engine, the DGEN 380, which should ease understanding of complex propulsion notions. Technician students from the Middle-East Air Forces will be the first classes to benefit from this innovative station.

Beyond this acquisition, DCI and Price Induction have already launched a collaboration of co-development of additional BV66 content in order to continuously improve aeronautical training offers.

Westt BV66  @ groupe DCI Defense Conseil International
Westt BV66 @ groupe DCI Defense Conseil International
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