24 October 2014

Latest evolution of the WESTT CS/BV Solution

In October 2014, Price Induction deploys the latest version 1.6 of the software of its WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench to its customers around the world who are still under warranty or who subscribed to a Software Evolution Contract. New features about control systems,aerodynamics and equipment enhance the fields of applications of the WESTT CS/BV station.

  • Control Systems: addition of a module to modify the regulation parameters while the engine is operating.

The user can switch regulation modes, modify the settings of the chosen loop in the corresponding schematics and observe in live the changes in the engine functioning. This new feature provides an efficient and user friendly interface for introduction courses to the principles of control systems.

  • Aerodynamics: addition of velocity triangles for the low pressure turbine and the centrifugal compressor.

Low pressure turbine and high pressure compressor complete the aerodynamics module allowing the study of aerodynamics principles related to compression and expansion phenomenon.

  • Equipment: exploration of the DGEN 380’s oil line and study of its components

The dynamic and interactive presentation of the oil line developed with 3DVia® is a new strong visual tool. The user will go through each component of the oil line to understand to operation principle of the whole system.


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12 July 2014

ASME Turbo Expo 2014

From June 17-19, Price Induction will exhibit its DGEN turbofan engine dedicated to 4-5 seat Personal Light Jets on booth #402 at the ASME Turbo Expo 2014.We will also offer live demonstrations of the WESTT CS/BV Virtual Engine Test Bench, a unique simulation tool used by over 20 universities and research centres worldwide.

Headquartered in France, Price Induction has over 50 engineers who successfully conducted the DGEN turbofan development program up to presently TRL 7. Since 2010, Price Induction leverages its technology and know-how through ground applications of the DGEN engine and participation in R&T projects with renowned research institutes.

An engine test bench tooled up with a DGEN turbofan will indeed open a wide range of opportunities for your research by combining a great technological potential, a full manufacturer’s know-how, reliability, low operation cost and flexibility. Flexibility also from a dedicated engineering team which is keen to customize our technical offer to your research goals and collaborate on innovative projects about gas turbines, modern aircraft engines and control systems.

Our engineers look forward to meeting you in Düsseldorf and discuss how the DGEN technology could benefit to your future projects.

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30 April 2014

ILA Berlin Air Show

Price Induction announces its participation at the ILA Berlin Air Show May 20-25, 2014 on booth 3431a in hall 3 with the support of the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Besides its DGEN turbofan engine for general aviation and the virtual engine test bench WESTT CS/BV, Price Induction will offer live demonstrations of the WESTT SE-HP assembly and disassembly station of a turbofan high-pressure spool for the first time in Germany. This educational tool is ideal for practices in mechanical and maintenance engineering and is also recognized worldwide by EASA Part-147 training centers as an innovative training tool to maintenance practices and propulsion basics.

Furthermore, Price Induction will present the latest news concerning the WESTT SOLUTIONS product family of research and training tools, which have been very successful in the past year. Renowned research institutes like the NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and worldwide universities like theHogeschool InHolland in Delft, the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin and the ENAC engineering school in Toulouse are some of the latest WESTT SOLUTIONS customers.

On May 20th at 3pm, our customer Linköping University will present the best student designs of DGEN-based Personal Light Jets on the forum of the Berlin-Brandenburg region stand.

As on previous ILA Airshows the DGEN engine will also be on display at Price Induction’s booth. The DGEN 380 engine achieved, today, over 1500 hours of testing, 6000 ignitions and 2200 endurance cycles and is used by an increasing number of universities and research centers.

31 March 2014

AERO 2014

Price Induction announces its annual participation to the AERO Friedrichshafen on April 9-12th 2014. This year, Price Induction will be exhibiting on booth #301 in hall 5 together with the cluster Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz (BBAA).

The Friedrichshafen show for General Aviation is the opportunity for Price Induction to promote its DGEN engine which achieved today over 1500 hours of testing, 6000 ignitions and 2200 endurance cycles, as well as its range of educational solutions WESTT conceived around this engine.

This AERO 2014 will indeed be the occasion to present the latest evolutions of these solutions which have a great success in 2013 at renowned research institutes like the NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and at worldwide universities like the Linköping University in Sweden, the ENAC engineering school in Toulouse, France and the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin.

Moreover, the visitors of the AERO will discover this year a new WESTT offer adapted to aviation maintenance training centers and which is already used by the National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship (SENAI) in Sao Paulo, Brasil.