17 November 2017

Price Induction is delighted to have contributed to the great success of Future Aviators, Dubai.

Price Induction is delighted to have contributed to the great success of Future Aviators organized on 14 and 15 November by the General Civil Aviation Authority and Mubadala at Dubai South HQ. Future Aviators’ goal is to attract young UAE talent in the exciting and challenging aviation sector.

Many thanks to Mubadala for their trust, and congratulations to Abdallah for his Propulsion presentations using our WESTT BV66 interactive bench!

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24 October 2017


Price Induction is proud to announce that the 40th WESTT CS/BV has just been delivered at POLYAERO, an aerospace maintenance and engineering training center located in Gap Tallard, France.

This virtual DGEN 380 engine test bench is one of many new innovative equipment chosen by POLYAERO.



 Turbine engine theory and control systems will be the first training modules taught by the instructors using the simulator.

18 September 2017

First WESTT WT Wind Tunnel inaugurated on 14 September on ESTACA’s campus.


The first WESTT WT Wind Tunnel designed by Price Induction was inaugurated on 14 September on ESTACA’s Paris-Saclay à Saint Quentin en Yvelines campus. This tailor-made subsonic Wind Tunnel is composed of a 60 cm square, 1.5 m long, test section and provides a maximum air speed of 35 m/s. It will be dedicated to both ESTACA’s Engineering and Research departments for Aerodynamics practical courses and experiments about, amongst others, nanoparticules dispersion.

ESTACA’s teachers were then trained on the characteristics and maintenance of the Wind Tunnel.

We are very thankful to ESTACA engineering school for its confidence and are excited to start a long-term partnership with the academy!


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3 July 2017

Paris Le Bourget Air Show SIAE 2017 – Key facts

Price Induction was very happy to exhibit in the Paris Le Bourget Air Show 2017 from the 19 to 23 June. It was once again a great opportunity for the team to meet many industry R&T leaders, academics and experts, and exchange about turbomachine related innovations and future projects.

Price Induction’s multi-presence in the show

Three different WESTT solutions were exhibited at the show:

  • The WESTT CS/BV Virtual Engine Test Bench on PI booth;
  • The WESTT BV66 interactive learning station on PI partner Defense Conseil International’s booth;
  • The WESTT SE-HP assembly and disassembly DGEN High Pressure’s spool test bench on PI partner Aerocampus Aquitaine booth.
Westt CS/BV & SEV on PI booth
Westt CS/BV & SEV on PI booth
Westt BV66 on DCI booth
Westt BV66 on DCI booth
West SE-HP on Aerocampus Aquitaine booth
West SE-HP on Aerocampus Aquitaine booth


Thanks to our R&T SAFRAN partner, visitors could also discover a freshly kick-started project about the DGEN 380 HP core engine hybridization.

Moreover, Price Induction had the pleasure to promote the Flying Whales’ LCA60T program airship for which our design office has developed a POC of electric propulsive system.

DGEN hybrid architecture on Safran Booth
DGEN hybrid architecture on Safran Booth
Flying wales electric propulsive system
Flying wales electric propulsive system

Key meetings on Price Induction booth

Price induction had the pleasure to welcome both academic and industrial partners on its booth throughout the week.

Propulsion R&T representatives from major aerospace groups such as SAFRAN, AIRBUS, DASSAULT or Technical Research Institutes stepped by to exchange about current and future potential projects with them.

A special meeting gathered three academic partners on 22 June. InHolland Hogeschool, ENAC and Polyaéro met together and exchanged about the WESTT solutions and their experience using it.


Signature of a partnership between Price Induction and Defense Conseil International (DCI)

DCI, the reference operator of the Ministry of the Armed Forces for the international transfer of the French military know-how to France friendly countries armed forces, and Price Induction signed an industrial and commercial partnership focused on MRO (EASA/Part 66 and DSAé/FRA 66) initial training.

Thanks again to DCI for organizing this event!

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Signature of a partnership between Price Induction, Polyaéro and the CFA EPURE on Polyaéro booth

Price Induction, Polyaéro and the CFA EPURE make their collaboration start public, as well as the acquisition of a WESTT CS/BV.



Price Induction warmly thanks all its partners and visitors for their trust to make this week a great success!

18 May 2017

Paris Le Bourget Air Show SIAE 2017


Price Induction’s team will welcome you
on booth B94, Hall 2B

signature mail SIAE 2017 extendedUK

Visit us and discover:
– Our expertise as an engine manufacturer to support innovative projects around propulsion, from design and engineering to instrumentation and testing.
– A wide range of test bench solutions dedicated to Aerospace Research and Education.

Curious about engine architecture & simulation ?
Take the opportunity to try some of our WESTT solutions,
– Westt CS/BV virtual engine test bench on our booth
– Westt BV66 interactive learning station with new helicopter 12.1 content
– Westt SE-HP assembly / disassembly hi pressure line station



15 May 2017

Price Induction and NASA Glenn Research Center Collaboration is Celebrated with the First Engine Run

NASA Researchers will benefit from the DART Project (DGEN380 Aero-propulsion Research Turbofan) for years to come.

Price Induction, the developer of the DGEN 380 turbofan, is proud to announce the conclusion of a WESTT BR platform installation at the NASA Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory at the Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland Ohio USA.

DGEN 380 in anechoic chamber at Glenn Research Center
DGEN 380 in anechoic chamber at Glenn Research Center

The installation is the result of an 18 month project that was initiated in 2014 when the use of the DGEN 380 engine as an acoustic research tool was validated by NASA after testing in GRC’s anechoic chamber.

The Price Induction and NASA teams collaborated closely to adapt the DGEN380 engine and its associated testing platform to NASA’s specific needs. Two of the most challenging aspects of the project were the design of a fully mobile system and significant modifications of the engine’s internal architecture while keeping all operational and safety aspects unaltered.

Inauguration of the testing platform on April 28th 2017
Inauguration of the testing platform on April 28th 2017

In April of this year, a group of NASA engineers attended five days of intense training conducted by Price Induction engineers from France. As shown on the pictures below, the official first engine cycles were run by Dr. Daniel Sutliff, lead researcher and DART project manager during an internal inauguration.

Dr. Daniel Sutliff in the Mobile Control Room
Dr. Daniel Sutliff in the Mobile Control Room


Mobile Control Room
Mobile Control Room

NASA is one of a few client benefitting from the real DGEN 380 engine test bench (WESTT BR) and the virtual engine test bench (WESTT CS/BV) both provided by Price Induction. NASA and Price Induction have committed to develop their collaboration around propulsion research in the long-term.

 Price Induction would like to take this opportunity to thank NASA for its confidence during this challenging project.

See Dr D. Sutliff interview on his visit to our test bench last year:

4 May 2017

WESTT CS/BV at ELISA aerospace

ELISA Aerospace (ISAE Group), the French Aerospace engineering school located in Saint-Quentin, France, has become the 39th WESTT CS/BV partner!

Eight teachers just received a training session to master the operations of the virtual test bench and understand how this educational solution can be leveraged as a new way for control, aerodynamics and thermodynamics teaching.

Within the 5-year mandatory program, the WESTT CS/BV will be used to illustrate propulsion theory in the first two years and turbofan design in the last 3 years.

Photo1 recadrée

See you this summer at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show on booth B94, Hall 2B, to speak with the WESTT community!

3 April 2017

TRANSFRON3D: Project funded by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

TRANSFRON3D project is led by POCTEFA/FEDER. The main objective of the project is getting different entities such as technological centers, universities, large companies and SMEs on both sides of the French/Spanish border, to work together to manufacture high added value mechanical parts thanks to additive manufacturing.

transfon 3d


These additive manufacturing technologies are in the early stages of development and need a multidisciplinary know-how (in materials, simulation, manufacturing processes, characterization etc.). This knowledge is today scattered in various programs.

Project members :

  • TECNALIA (project leader)

This approach represents radical changes in works methods and manufacturing technologies. It offers many advantages as drastic reduction of raw materials used, design flexibility and delivery times reduction.

For more informations :

14 March 2017

exhibiting the BV 66 test bench @ MBZ Majlis for Future Generations, in Abu Dhabi

Partner at the MBZ Majlis for Future Generations in Abu Dhabi, and exhibiting the BV 66 test bench!


2 March 2017

Price Induction Westt BV66 at DCI

After the WESTT CS/BV virtual engine test bench, DCI (Défense Conseil International) just acquired the WESTT BV 66 interactive station, the new WESTT test bench from Price Induction.
The installation and training took place on 25 and 27 January 2017 in the Rochefort Air Force base 721. A team of four instructors from French Defense Aeronautical Institute (FDAI) – a DCI / Dassault Aviation top-class joint center – participated in the training led by Price Induction.

On one hand, instructors will benefit from the innovative and dynamic content of the bench specifically designed for Part 66 initial training. On the other hand, DCI trainees will autonomously be able to go into a large panel of topics in depth, from flight mechanics to propulsion. Thanks to the integrated FADEC, the students will have the opportunity to conduct some real-time simulations of a modern turbofan engine, the DGEN 380, which should ease understanding of complex propulsion notions. Technician students from the Middle-East Air Forces will be the first classes to benefit from this innovative station.

Beyond this acquisition, DCI and Price Induction have already launched a collaboration of co-development of additional BV66 content in order to continuously improve aeronautical training offers.

Westt BV66  @ groupe DCI Defense Conseil International
Westt BV66 @ groupe DCI Defense Conseil International
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