Price Induction leverages its expertise gained from the DGEN program to participate in complex R&T programs for major aviation groups.

A multidisciplinary design office

Due to the substantial skills and experience acquired throughout the DGEN Program, Price Induction’s design office is now fully conversant in all the aspects that make up the development cycle of an aeronautical turbine engine , as well as those of similar complex mechanical systems.

Price Induction’s design office employs over 35 engineers from Europe’s top engineering schools, whose competences cover many areas of expertise in the fields of mechanics and embedded systems.

Our flexible organisation and commitment to excellence enable us to take complex projects in our stride and to carry them out successfully, from the definition phase to the simulation and projection phases.

With Production and Testing capabilities

In addition to its engineering capabilities, Price Induction is also an expert in sourcing, producing and testing the systems it designed in compliance with the highest aeronautical standards.

  • Supply chain: Price Induction has established its own network of suppliers and all manufacturing data is managed by proficient tools such as SAP and a dedicated quality management system.
  • Production: Price Induction’s facility includes a 500m²-workshop where we assemble and condition all systems and subsystems we develop. Our engineers are also skilled in designing production tools specific to any project, as we did for the complete tooling set of the DGEN turbofan engine.
  • Tests: Price Induction has two dedicated engine test benches which are currently being to perform endurance tests on the DGEN engine as well as for testing and validating operations for specific projects.

Project portfolio

Price Induction’s team has a distinctive expertise in three types of projects.


Description: designing and manufacturing compact turbomachinery and their subsystems
Example: module of a large engine demonstrator
Added value: engine manufacturer experience, own supplier network, own test means.


Description: Designing of a specific component entering into one of our fields of expertise.
Examples: gearbox, fan , turbulence control system
Added value: multidisciplinary team responsiveness, DGEN program experience.


Description: Cost-effective solution for testing new technologies and bringing them to maturity in excellent conditions of both representativeness and flexibility
Examples: testing of engine noise reduction solutions, endurance testing of innovative materials
Added value: flexibility of the DGEN engine, experienced test engineers.