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The DGEN engine is the world’s smallest turbofan: it is intended for 4-5 seat twin-engine Personal Light Jets flying under 25,000ft and 250kts.

The DGEN engine has been completely developed and tested in-house by Price Induction’s engineering team. It is recognized worldwide as a mature technology and a great technical success.

Explore the DGEN technology and read more about the engine specifications. Learn more about the Personal Light Jets.

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Price Induction is a small-scale engine manufacturer offering its wide range of competences with flexibility, dedication and high quality standards. We can take charge of large projects ranging from the definition phase to the prototyping by involving not only our design office but also our supply chain, test and production capabilities.

Typical projects include the development and prototyping of complex mechanical systems or the use of the DGEN engine as a test vehicle for innovative technologies. Read more about our expertise.

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WESTT SOLUTIONS are multifunctional and interactive learning tools based on the know-how of the DGEN program and designed for the needs of aerospace universities, research laboratories and aviation maintenance training centers.

They are used by over 25 institutions worldwide for many purposes including research in engine acoustics, Part-66 Basic Training to aircraft engines and advanced engineering courses. They cover all fields related to aircraft engines including gas turbines theory, aerodynamics, internal aerodynamics, control systems, mechanics and hydraulics.

Discover the WESTT SOLUTIONS product family and their wide range of applications. Learn about our customer references.

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About Us

Price induction is one of the few companies to have developed a modern aeronautical gas turbine in the past decade.

Its state-of-the-art product is the DGEN 380 engine, the world’s smallest turbofan intended for 4-5 seat Personal Light Jets. This high-bypass ratio geared turbofan was designed from a blank sheet to allow for the advent of a new class of aircraft on the general aviation market. After fifteen years of development, the engine is recognized as a technical success and is now to enter the certification and industrialization phase.

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